Q: How does Pixoner’s detection work?
A: Our detection is based on our patented computer vision and face recognition algorithms.
Q: How accurate is Pixoner's detection?
A: With good photos you can expect up to 99%.
Q: This is an impressive percentage. How come?
A: We have years of experience, millions of photos, thousands of A/B tests, Inventive algorithms, and above all - a big passion for photography and technology.
Q: How fast does Pixoner process the photos?
A: We offer several processing tools to meet your needs. Where speed is a factor we recommend PhotoBridge that is capable of processing thousands of photos per hour and can work in parallel.
Q: What is the best way to start Pixoner on my next event?
A: Just create your own Pixoner account. Our service is autonomous.
Q: Do I need to use special photography equipment?
A: No. Hobby cameras and smart-phones work too. We do however encourage you to use professional cameras..
Q: I have my own gallery to showcase and sell my photos. Can I use your detection technology in my own channel?
A: Yes. We offer several collaboration modes from a simple detection sheet that you can import to your platform to a full API that works directly with your system.
Q: Is Pixoner patent protected?
A: Yes. If you are facing patent “infringement” threats don't be fooled. They are fake. Learn more here.
Q: Do I have to barcode my participants (like in marathons)?
A: No. The new architecture from Pixoner also identifies faces.
Q: Do I have to wait for the end of the day to process the photos?
A: No. Pixoner offers tools to get your photos uploaded live from your smartphone.
Q: Do I need a server or other expensive equipment to process the photos?
A: No. Our upload tools are light friendly and run on any operating system.
Q: Will my participants have to wait in line to buy their photos?
A: No. The photos will be available for them online long after they left.
Q: How hard is it to start automating with Pixoner?
A: Very easy and totally autonomous. Give it a try now.

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